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In this one we’re going to be adding in some new pages for the enterprise app with some new UI elements here and there. In order to create these new pages we’re going to be creating new panels for each page that we can link to when appropriate in the application.

Start things off by hiding your main menu panel and create a new one called “FindCasePanel” which you’ll also remove the image component for. …

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In this one we’re going to focus on piecing together our UI for our insurance claims app starting with the background. Starting from this point I’ll carry on these articles for this app assuming that you either have the assets from Filebase or you have your own that you can use and follow along.

Let’s get started, go ahead and create a new Image object for your app which you can find under UI. Rename this to “Background” and then set the anchor point to stretch and change the Rect Transform to 0 for all the values.

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In this one we’re going to look into getting set up with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and getting it to work with Unity. We’re doing this so that we can make use of the cloud services offered by Amazon for use in our app that we’re building. If you’re wanting to gloss over this article you can also follow the documentation provided for Amazon for this:

To get things started you will first need to create yourself an AWS account at the following link, they will ask for your card details and take 1$(USD) for authorization but…

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With this project we’re going to be working on an enterprise app for insurance claims that works with AWS though the focus today is getting the project set up.

Go ahead and create a new 2D project and call it along the lines of “Service Adjustment App”

You’ll also want your editor layout to look like the following as we’ll be creating this for a mobile android device:

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Last one here for this project and it’s going to be a short one that covers the implementation of a reload animation.

Start off by making sure that you have your animation window open which you can find under Window > Animation and then click on your gun in the hierarchy and choose the create option in your animation window and call this Reload. This will automatically create a new animator for you which you can go to and add in a new trigger parameter called Reload. …

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In this one we’re going to be finishing up our IK weapon system starting off by getting our arms to line up with our gun and move around with it.

Firstly make sure that you have your IK system in place for your right arm as you do for your left arm and then create two child objects in your gun which should be a child of your main camera and name them HandPos_L and HandPos_R.

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Now that the idle animation is up and running it’s time to start looking into adding a gun into the view of the player and where we get the IK implemented for our player’s arms!

If you have Filebase there’s a handy USP Glock asset that you can make use of for this guide:

If not then you’ll need to make or find your own, you should get an idea of how this model works from this article though! …

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In this one we’re going to look into the rigging and work involved to have our player holding a gun from a first person view.

Let’s start by getting our model/pistol idle animation into the game. Head over to mixamo.com and pick out an fbx you like and search for the Pistol Idle animation:

Choose the download option and make sure the format is set as FBX for Unity and that you’re downloading this with the skin and then save it into your assets folder in Unity. …

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Now this one is going to be a bit different, we’re continuing our theme of 3D development but we’re actually now going to turn this into a First Person Shooter project. Although if you prefer you can create a new project and call it along the lines of FPS Game.

Let’s start out by adjusting the camera, if you’re creating a new project go ahead and set up your Player object again as a capsule making sure that you remove the collider and replace it with a Character Controller component and then add your Main Camera as…

Hey and welcome!

In this one we’re going to be looking to add a blood splat effect that comes from our enemies whenever we shoot them which will work as a handy visual cue for the player to recognise that they’re doing damage.

If you have Filebase there’s a handy Blood Splatters pack that you can download and import into Unity to make use of:

If not then you can create and find your own, these are just 2D sprites with animations tied to them using a spritesheet. Be sure to create an empty object in your scene to attach…

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