Day 30 — Deploying your game

Hey and welcome!

Wow 30 days already, the time is just flying by and we now have ourselves a fully functioning game! complete with audio and some post processing.

So now is the time that we look into deployment options for our game, and it’s some pretty exciting stuff! There’s two options that I’m going to cover here which is a Windows standalone build and a WebGL build.

First the Windows build, let’s head over to build settings at File > Build Settings which you may recognise when we were adding our scenes to here and then click on Player Settings.

In here we can update a number of settings such as company name and whether or not to have our game fullscreen or not. I recommend setting it to windowed and choosing a resolution that’s less that your display as we need to actually code in the ability to press the escape key to close down our game which I’ll cover next game.

Once you’re happy with everything go ahead and close down your player settings and then click build! Choose an appropriate folder to store your game in and then go ahead and run the .exe!

This is my favourite part of game development, when you can truly see your game in action outside the engine you’re making it in.

Now let’s go over a WebGL build next, it starts off pretty similar by head into the build settings again and selecting it. If it shows that you’re missing the module you can download through the unity hub for the version you’re using with your game like so:

With that done and WebGL selected in your build settings you may notice that it’s not letting us build the game yet as it will mention something about an incompatibility with the colour space. So let’s pop into our player setting to fix this.

Luckily you’ll notice that there’s a caution box highlighting the Color Space option already for us! So simply change that to Gamma and then close the player settings and click on the switch platform option. Once Unity has finished processing that you can build your game.

With that you’ll be able to upload the above files to your website if you have one and send the link to it for others to play, how cool is that!

Hey and welcome! My name is Connor and my goal here is to put out a daily post for a full year about my game development journey.