Day 52 — Creating a transparent window in Unity

Hey and welcome!

You may notice that in our scene we have a window object that we can see through and another window object where we can’t. In this article I’ll go over what you need to do in order to create a material that you can see through just like a window!

First things first go ahead and create a new material called Glass and then attach that material to element 3 in the window wall object. With that done let’s go ahead and edit the material itself and change it’s rendering mode to transparent and then alter the alpha channel in the albedo colour until we start getting a window effect for our material.

That’s all it takes! A very short one for you here today but there isn’t too much more that can be said about this. The transparent option offers the most window-like effect from the dropdown list and the alpha channel is used to play about with the transparency of a colour across the rendering modes.

Hey and welcome! My name is Connor and my goal here is to put out a daily post for a full year about my game development journey.