How to Import Models From VRoid Into Unity Along With Mixamo Animations

  • Export VRM model from VRoid
  • Install VRM Importer and CATS plugins for Blender
  • Import VRM model into Blender
  • Fix model using CATS and export as FBX object
  • Import FBX object into Mixamo
  • Find animation and export as FBX for Unity
  • Install UnityVRM package into Unity
  • Import VRM and FBX model from Mixamo into Unity
  • Add materials from the VRM model to your FBX model
  • Test out your animation!

Export Model From VRoid

Let’s get started with the easy part by opening up VRoid Studio, either through Steam or the exe you get from their website here. If you have your own model you’ve been working on in VRoid you can use that but if not go ahead and select one of the default models, I’m using the Rubin model as my example.

Install VRM Importer and CATS Plugin in Blender

OK now here’s where thing can start to go wrong so I’d advise making sure you download the same versions for the following:

Import VRM Model and Export as fbx in Blender


Alrighty, now it’s time to talk about Mixamo. If you have your own animation already or your own plans for the fbx model in Unity you can skip this part.

Preparing Your Model for use in Unity

Now we’re onto the meat and potatoes of all this, if you’ve made it this far without any errors you’re doing pretty good!

Using the Animation From Mixamo

Welcome to the last section, if you’ve made it this far then you’ve done all the hard bits and also the bits that are most likely to go wrong, now it’s just a case of testing out your animation.


Congrats, you’re all done! As I mentioned at the start here this is a pretty long process at first and there’s a lot that goes wrong so I’ve tried to cover as much as I can while trying to keep things concise.



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